Mass Viola Orchestra 2014 – scores, viola parts and audios

Dear Viola player

choose the link and download the scores and viola parts (from viola 1 to viola 5) from the pieces to play on the mass viola orchestra on the November 30th.

Studants viola players may ask teachers opinion about the better viola part to choose.You have to play allways the same viola part during the concert.

Piece 1)  to Violas 4 e 5 ( with divisi 5A e 5B).

1) Ode to Joy: Beethoven – score_and_parts no file

Piece 2) and 3) to Violas 1,2 e 3.

2) Aria: Giordani – score_and_parts  and audio file

3) Dança: Paredes – score_and_parts  and audio file

Piece 4), 5) e 6) to all viola parts.

4) Perpetuum Mobile: Strauss – score_and_parts and audio file

5) Rondeau:Lecomte – score_and_parts and audio file

6) Bratschy Mambo: Lecomte – score_and_parts and audio file

Watch the video from the 2011 Viola Meet in CdM Porto!