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Congress Plan – 42nd International Viola Congress, Porto 2014, 26th-30th November

General Plan                                                      

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Presentation and Objetives

The 42nd International Viola Congress – Porto 2014 will take place between 26 and 30 November, and will be based in the historic convent of São Bento da Vitória in Oporto, with concerts being held in one of the city’s emblematic venues, the Casa da Música. The Oporto Viola Congress will be supported by the  Oporto Municipal Council , the Teatro Nacional São João, and the DGArtes program from the Portuguese Goverment SEC.  The five days of intense musical activity will include viola recitals, master-classes and orchestral concerts with viola solos featuring the most distinguished viola players in the world, as well as a wide variety of conferences given by prominent members of the international musical and economic community.

The Porto congress will be paying special attention to the younger generation of musicians, with its title being “Performing for the Future of Music”. Given the world economic crisis and the demands of globalization, the importance of culture cannot be overstated, and it is essential to prepare, with care and creativity, the future of musicians and all those involved in the promotion and production of erudite music. With the dedication of all those involved, the 42nd International Viola Congress – Porto 2014 will encourage the sharing of experience, motivating and inspiring future generations of viola players, and provide the ideal platform for the continued advancement of the art and knowledge of the viola.

The congress will also be promoting Portuguese musical heritage, young Portuguese artists and the creation of new audiences for the viola. To this end, a large part of the repertoire of Portuguese viola pieces will be presented to the international community in concert, and young Portuguese viola players will be given the opportunity to perform in public. Narrated concerts and concerts for children are also an excellent way of raising musical awareness amongst the general public.

The congress will also have an impact on the economics and promotion of tourism in Portugal, given that it will attract around 150 viola players from every continent and act as a spotlight on the city of Porto via the IVS network of contacts and the publicity that will accompany the event in the world of music.

The 42nd International Viola Congress – Porto 2014 is a winning project, not only because of having attracted more than 40 top-flight international viola players, but also because it has already gained the confidence of several prestigious partners who will be providing a significant part of the financial support needed.

Your support will help us to achieve the important artistic, cultural and social objectives promoted by this event, and will contribute to the growing reality of quality and excellence that is the Portuguese musical panorama.


Main Objectives

1. Promotion of the viola, its history, culture and repertoire. During the congress, there will be 14 recitals and 5 orchestra concerts with Viola Soloists, in which the main viola repertoire will be featured. The 7 conferences will deal with the main aspects of the history of the viola and viola players, as well as questions relating to the aesthetics and psychology of music. In the 10 master-classes, viola techniques and interpretation will be presented in an applied form.

The viola and its repertoire will be promoted throughout the country in 8 concerts and master-classes that will precede the congress, to be held in Aveiro, Castelo Branco, Porto, Lisbon, Évora, Faro, Mirandela and Braga, providing an excellent opportunity for bringing new audiences and students to the viola.

2. To increase the Portuguese viola repertoire, APVDA has commissioned 3 new pieces for viola ensemble from composers Carlos Azevedo, Telmo Marques and Fernando Lapa.

The “work in progress” workshop for young composers will act as a stimulus to the development of new techniques of composing for the viola, as well as promoting interest amongst composers for this instrument.

3. To promote Portuguese viola repertoire.The majority of Portuguese works written for the viola will be performed during the congress. Many of these will be played by young viola players, recent graduates whose technical and artistic merit has been in evidence throughout their studies as well as by their presence in both national and international competitions. Some works will be included in the repertoires presented by some of the international viola players, in order to bring the musical heritage of Portugal to a wider, global, audience. It is our hope that through this exposure, Portuguese viola music will gradually become better known by being included in the many concerts later given by the visiting artists.


Portuguese Work

Alexandre Delgado: Concerto para Viola e Orquestra
Armando José Fernandes: Sonatina para Viola e Piano
Cândido Lima: “Quatro Peças” para Viola e Piano
Claúdio Carneyro: Khroma
Fernando Lopes-Graça: Concertino, Quatro Peças em Suite
Joly Braga Santos: Concerto para Viola
Luiz Costa: Sonatina Op.19
Sergio Azevedo: obra para viola solo
Victorino D’ Almeida: Sonata para Viola e piano op.94

4. To promote interaction between top-class viola players from different countries, schools and cultures. As we can confirm the presence at the Porto congress of the principal internationally-ranked viola players, we feel that this event is perfect for fulfilling the aims of encouraging research, experimentation, creativity and artistic innovation. To enable this to happen, meetings and get-togethers will be arranged for the sharing of experience and discussions, putting into practice the main aim of the congress, which – as indicated in its title “Performing for the Future of Music” –is to forge new pathways and provide new opportunities for the viola and its players.

The presence of these top musicians, their performances and the sharing of their knowledge and skills via master-classes and conferences, will inspire and stimulate both the Portuguese and foreign-national musicians living in Portugal.

5. To show the international community the quality and standards of the teaching of viola in Portugal, and to promote young Portuguese viola players. From 26 to 30 November, the eyes of the international musical community will be firmly focussed on Porto. The congress will be host to world-renowned viola teachers, as well as the directors of universities, orchestras, concert halls and festivals. Over the last few years, performance standards relative to the viola have risen in Portugal. The results can be seen in the presence of Portuguese viola players leading their sections in important international orchestras such as the Orchestre de Paris, the Munich Philharmonic Orchestra, the European Union Youth Orchestra and the Osnabrücker Symphonieorchester, as well as the collaboration of young university students in the Deutsche Oper Berlin, the London Symphony Orchestra and the London Philharmonic.


 The “42th International Viola Congress” in numers

1 The largest viola orchestra concert in the world (on november 30)
concerts with orchestra:
Orquestra Sinfónica da ESART
Orquestra Sinfónica do Porto Casa da Música
Orquestra Sinfónica ESMAE
Orquestra da Universidade de Aveiro with Orquestra Filarmonia das Beiras
5 continents
7 conferences
10 Master-classes for viola
14 viola recitals
16 countries
56 music schools taking part
72 viola teachers
421 viola players
603 musicians>
1000 participants
3000 audience members (Estimates based on the 2011 and 2013 viola meetings)>